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a guy whose spot in the limelight was when he was spitting teddy grahams all over Strong Bad's couch.
Ptooo! Pteww.
Dang The Cheat. That computer's got something against you. Did you like, pour Mowntain Dew all over it?
by juanvaldez November 15, 2003
The best form of government...on paper. It doesn't work because the only result is crime. You get mugged, robbed of whatever you own, and it's your choice to have no protection.
Also: Having someone else make everything for you, and never having to pay for it. Not understanding why people stop making things for you.
Darwinism? Except there's not even order.
by JuanValdez February 02, 2004
The easiest girl to imagine naked, because you know exactly what's in her pants. The downside: you know she forgot to shave too.
I was seeing her fire crotch before I even got her home.
by JuanValdez February 02, 2004

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