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the nice hydroponic, that light green shit
I got some of that fire yesterday, you needs to come by and elevate your mind.
by Remix March 04, 2003
Original name of a girl. People assume she's a fire crotch.
by Irefay January 30, 2012
Fire is the key to everything:

When your mad: Burn Someone!
When your happy: Burn Something!
When your depressed: Burn YourSelf!
When your in love: Burn Her/Him!
When your sleeping: Burn your bed
When your dead... Everything is burning already!!!!!
Frank: Fuck i failed my exam!
Jim: Dude... Burn Something...?
Dave: Duh!

-The next day-

Dave: Where's Frank?
Jim: There!

-Frank runs past on fire-

Dave and Jim: .......
by Devish August 06, 2011
(n) anybody with red hair
that flamer is such a fire
by half nude January 24, 2009
diamond ice, ruby fire, emerald ??
by gem man January 18, 2009
The second thing Jaymz (lead singer of metallica) requested in the song "fuel"
Give me fuel, Give me fire, Give me that which I desire
by Zero February 04, 2005
Off the chain or highly ranked. Also pronounced as "fi" in Atlanta.
General Use: "That outfit is fire"
ATLien use: "Aye shawty, dat outfit bout fi as hell.

"Peace up... *A-ToWn DoWn*
by A-ToWn-ZoNe-6 March 15, 2004