Something that is"off da chain,or hot" Something that is happenin,popular.
Yo,you seen them new Nike's,them shits is fire!!
by Chronik717 December 05, 2003
the nice hydroponic, that light green shit
I got some of that fire yesterday, you needs to come by and elevate your mind.
by Remix March 04, 2003
Noun: the best way to un-want anything.
Student: The neighbor's dog was barking all night, so I went over and killed it with fire. Un-wanted!
by mewfahsah June 05, 2012
Original name of a girl. People assume she's a fire crotch.
by Irefay January 30, 2012
Fire is the key to everything:

When your mad: Burn Someone!
When your happy: Burn Something!
When your depressed: Burn YourSelf!
When your in love: Burn Her/Him!
When your sleeping: Burn your bed
When your dead... Everything is burning already!!!!!
Frank: Fuck i failed my exam!
Jim: Dude... Burn Something...?
Dave: Duh!

-The next day-

Dave: Where's Frank?
Jim: There!

-Frank runs past on fire-

Dave and Jim: .......
by Devish August 06, 2011
(n) anybody with red hair
that flamer is such a fire
by half nude January 24, 2009
diamond ice, ruby fire, emerald ??
by gem man January 18, 2009

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