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To lose one's job.

Synonyms: Get the boot, get the axe, canned, terminated, dismissed, laid-off, discharged, pink-slipped.
Honey, I haev terrible news. I've just been fired!

Dude, he just got the boot.

My friend just got terminated.

When do you think he'll get canned?
by Jesse McShortcakes May 11, 2006
86 15
denied, forbidden, being slapped down by someone greater than you after making a stupid comment.
Person: I don't mean to sound queer or nothin', but I wanna make babies with Duran Duran.

Person 2: Dude... You are so fired.
by AngryWhiteMale May 29, 2003
61 32
To be severed , let go from a company or employer.
(There is a difference between being fired which is being punished or repremanded most likely is thru fault of your own and being laid-off no fault of your own)
My boss fired me today because I was late to work for the 4th time.

Karen was fired for calling in sick too many times.

Ted was fired for stealing company property.
by Kitazua July 12, 2011
10 6
To have your employment terminated.

This term originated with National Cash Register in Dayton Ohio. When a manager was let go, they would literally carry his desk into the courtyard between manufacturing buildings and burn the desk in front of the whole company.
Did you hear that Bob was screwing his boss's secretary?

Yeah, they fired his ass and escourted him from the building!
by Goodby Charlie November 22, 2012
5 1
To break up with, divorce, get out of a relationship.
My girl fired me after she caught me with her sister!
I had to fire my girl when I found out she was a man.
by D0c March 12, 2006
34 30
When you are really fucking tired but shorten it to one word combined from both
Mate1: Dude I'm so fired today
Mate2: At least your not fungry like me
by James Stinkwell May 14, 2008
19 16
to be fired or layed off
Tom got fi red
by Vanessa Yates August 19, 2008
2 5