Used to describe quality. Especially common with drugs that are smoked.
That's that fire.
I got the fire.
by Clipper June 16, 2004
Fucked In Rear End
"I will never get F.I.R.E." said Sidney.
by Sidney Piekarski March 08, 2014
Off the hookor or ill.
That new song is fire.
by Dm55 December 03, 2008
some killa weed
the best it will get you fucked up
damn them are some fires
by ambrezie August 18, 2008
Gettin some good head
dat bitch got dat fire on her
by JaDu March 08, 2008
Something that is the bomb or tight. Or by saying an object is just off the chain or highly ranked.

Ay dat Kool-Aid is fire.
Ay you is fyre iz dat thang
by D33D33 May 31, 2007
Some really good pussy.
When a woman has some exceptionally nice qualities attributing to the overall feeling of penetration.
"I fucked that girl last night, shawty had that fire, that shit was good!"
by spoke_n_heard March 09, 2007

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