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another word for "cum" or sperm, jiz, jism
"dude i fired all over her face"

by poogie42 February 22, 2008
wen mans describe something as being heavy or big
mans:yo bredrin mans dis shoobs is bare fire!
stupezman: nah its swaggle breh nd ting
mans: dont eye me like that nigwheat or ill cut up mans
stupezman: your a cunt
*beat gets dropped by g.o*
*slashes are heard*
mans: creps!
g.o: dont get haps
by M-a-n-s January 14, 2008
1.used to decribe ANY sexually transmitted disease.
2.A good spades hand

**sounds like fi**
u dont actually say the whole word fire, you say fi
"Don't mess with her dog, I heard she got that FIRE"

"Yall bout to lose, cuz I got that FIRE"

by YOUNG LADY November 30, 2006
Yo that girls outfit is that fire.
by Alessi and Wendy October 21, 2003
somthing that canada doesn't have
-theres no fire eh?
by Mr. A and B the C of D February 12, 2010
another word for "cum"
"i fired all over her face"
by bassy42 February 24, 2008
Something that is very new and enjoyable to listen too.
That new Sean Paul song is fire!
by Richie October 11, 2004