something hotter than hot; the second level of hotness
hot-> fire-> lava -> magma -> nova
Those shoes are fire I think I might steal them.
by PKFL1P July 10, 2008
When something or someone is good, taste good, or is "cool"
Ya boi-Man, did you taste those greens?
You-Yeah, they were fire.

Ya boi-Was lil momma's good's good?
You-Homie, it was fire.
by Gmoneybaggs February 17, 2008
Synonym to "hot"
Robert's a cutie.
I know he is so fire!
by 10squeen November 28, 2010
another word for "cum" or sperm, jiz, jism
"dude i fired all over her face"

by poogie42 February 22, 2008
wen mans describe something as being heavy or big
mans:yo bredrin mans dis shoobs is bare fire!
stupezman: nah its swaggle breh nd ting
mans: dont eye me like that nigwheat or ill cut up mans
stupezman: your a cunt
*beat gets dropped by g.o*
*slashes are heard*
mans: creps!
g.o: dont get haps
by M-a-n-s January 14, 2008
1.used to decribe ANY sexually transmitted disease.
2.A good spades hand

**sounds like fi**
u dont actually say the whole word fire, you say fi
"Don't mess with her dog, I heard she got that FIRE"

"Yall bout to lose, cuz I got that FIRE"

by YOUNG LADY November 30, 2006
Yo that girls outfit is that fire.
by Alessi and Wendy October 21, 2003

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