Fire is the key to everything:

When your mad: Burn Someone!
When your happy: Burn Something!
When your depressed: Burn YourSelf!
When your in love: Burn Her/Him!
When your sleeping: Burn your bed
When your dead... Everything is burning already!!!!!
Frank: Fuck i failed my exam!
Jim: Dude... Burn Something...?
Dave: Duh!

-The next day-

Dave: Where's Frank?
Jim: There!

-Frank runs past on fire-

Dave and Jim: .......
by Devish August 06, 2011
(adj): a word used to describe something that is particularly good or awesome.
Danny: I am so hungry.
Pat: Don't worry dude, I'm a culinary student, I'll whip you up something in no time.
(ten minutes later)
Danny: Wow! Pat, this food is delicious! Straight fire, man. Thanks.
by nmb122289 January 24, 2010
The second thing Jaymz (lead singer of metallica) requested in the song "fuel"
Give me fuel, Give me fire, Give me that which I desire
by Zero February 04, 2005
Off the chain or highly ranked. Also pronounced as "fi" in Atlanta.
General Use: "That outfit is fire"
ATLien use: "Aye shawty, dat outfit bout fi as hell.

"Peace up... *A-ToWn DoWn*
by A-ToWn-ZoNe-6 March 15, 2004
The result of large amounts of energy expulsion, produces heat and light; a slang term for exceptionally kind marijuana, often characterized by an abundance of red or orange hairs, similar to the hues of fire.
The combustion of gasoline produces fire.
This bud is some serious fire!
Hey man, where da fire at?
by m1ndj0b March 09, 2003
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