Some really good pussy.
When a woman has some exceptionally nice qualities attributing to the overall feeling of penetration.
"I fucked that girl last night, shawty had that fire, that shit was good!"
by spoke_n_heard March 09, 2007
exeptionally great,or wonderful
these chips taste fire
by honei November 27, 2006
stoner1"ay man you got that killa?"
stoner2"nigga please, you already know I got that fire!"
by el hefe April 01, 2006
My mixtape
My mixtape is fire. Download it Foreal.
by Itskilo June 07, 2015
My mixtape.
Friend: Damn, how did that huge fire start?
Me: They were listening to my mixtape.
by 3cocojulia April 13, 2015
The "chemistry" or emotional passion in a relationship. The "spark" in such. Fire: passion, excitement, adventure, love.
Girl1: So why did you and Marc Break up?
Girl2: I just didn't feel the fire, ya know?

Girl1: Oh.
by Bethi:) November 27, 2010
The best thing ever!!!! it is really hot and kills loads of people, and destroys more than it gives, and permanently injures millions, and is hot, and reddish orange, sometimes yellow or blue, even white, depending on the temperature, coldest to hottest respectively. it heats houses and is basically a huge energy mass of raw heat that consumes oxygen, and any flammable material in it's general vicinity.

may also refer to particularly good weed.

also a metaphor used as a substitution to "hot" as in appealing in appearance. "on" precedes it on most occasions.
1. i love fire, but our house burned down the other day.

2. This shit is FIRE! i can't even feel my own appendages!

3. That bitch is on fire!
by stonerking11 June 15, 2010

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