exeptionally great,or wonderful
these chips taste fire
by honei November 27, 2006
stoner1"ay man you got that killa?"
stoner2"nigga please, you already know I got that fire!"
by el hefe April 01, 2006
The correct word used to describe a mixture.
"Yo man, have you heard my mixtape?"

"Totally bro, that shit's fire!"
by L0Ly0U1337 May 05, 2015
My mixtape.
Friend: Damn, how did that huge fire start?
Me: They were listening to my mixtape.
by 3cocojulia April 13, 2015
The "chemistry" or emotional passion in a relationship. The "spark" in such. Fire: passion, excitement, adventure, love.
Girl1: So why did you and Marc Break up?
Girl2: I just didn't feel the fire, ya know?

Girl1: Oh.
by Bethi:) November 27, 2010
a really bomb girl
damn, jessica is FIRE
by urgirl3598732 July 26, 2009
Noun. Slang for good cocaine, whether to be cooked into crack or not.
"Put it in the pot, let it steam let it brew.
Now watch it melt, don't burn ya self!
I'm the Fireman
Fire, Fa, Fireman"
by baiku December 07, 2007

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