a warm object that is made from friction.
man, that fire is hot!
by steshieroo May 03, 2009
when you think somthing is tight and you like it
dawg i love ur shoes there flippen fire
by MeganVP May 28, 2006
really good chronic
yo, willie be dealin that fire right now.
by mosblunted March 23, 2005
Verb. To stop employment of a subordinate.
That stupid fucktard got fired for fucking the boss's daughter.
by SgtGunneryHartman February 28, 2005
a really really hot, awesome or amazing thing; something is really cool if it is fire
Boy: Did you see Shelby today?
Other Boy: I know bro, she was super hot
Boy: She was so fire!
by Double B the DJ May 31, 2013
The best thing ever!!!! it is really hot and kills loads of people, and destroys more than it gives, and permanently injures millions, and is hot, and reddish orange, sometimes yellow or blue, even white, depending on the temperature, coldest to hottest respectively. it heats houses and is basically a huge energy mass of raw heat that consumes oxygen, and any flammable material in it's general vicinity.

may also refer to particularly good weed.

also a metaphor used as a substitution to "hot" as in appealing in appearance. "on" precedes it on most occasions.
1. i love fire, but our house burned down the other day.

2. This shit is FIRE! i can't even feel my own appendages!

3. That bitch is on fire!
by stonerking11 June 15, 2010
what you say when your getting rape, because no one helps someone who's yelling RAPE!
While Susie was walking through a dark alley she was attacked by man. She screamed "rape,rape!" but no one came, so she yelled "fire!" and immediately was rescued by a fireman.
by TSwift30 October 08, 2009

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