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The action of getting something taken from you by a "finch". This 'object' is generally something that is easily recognized as yours to everybody except for the finch. Before you even notice what is happening the finch will already be in possession of what was once yours. Finches are generally harmless entities.
"Jack totally just finched my burrito."
"He finched the ball from me in practice yesterday"
"I heard he tried to finch Chris' girl the other day."
by jacofo November 10, 2009
the real definition for finched is:

the time period from when your smoking weed and were your high


the time period from when your drinking beer/liqour and were your drunk
"im so fucking finched" or "Ima way passed Finched"
by nosidam October 10, 2005
To be stabbed in such a way it reminds you of Kayla Finch from the United Fleet stories.
I'm not sure, but this looks like he got seriously finched.
by Kiki1962 November 24, 2010
the art of forever getting screwed by a new employee.
Man I thought I would be on easy street when Al left, then i completely got Finched!!
by Bill Loni August 09, 2005
Getting stabbed or shanked violently.
"You better shut up before you get Finched."
by thepretender1230 November 13, 2013

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