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1) n. Someone who simply looks downright cheeky (see cheeky).

2) n. Someone who is very manipulative, clever, and self-centered.

This word is usually used in a joking manner rather than with a serious tone.

Can be used as a playful insult against someone who has wronged you but did no real harm. In most places it is ironically considered less offensive than using the word 'bastard' alone.
Example for definition 1:
Jackie Chan.
Although he is not necessarily manipulative and clever (most of his movies focus on his embarrassment and lack of understanding American culture) he can still be considered a cheeky bastard due to his unique facial expressions and his ongoing awkward encounters with attractive women where Chris Tucker or Owen Wilson are usually very closeby.
Jackie Chan's cheekiness is a clear result of him trying to be a quick, sly undercover cop in action-based comedies based upon stopping crimes in foreign countries (usually committed by evil greedy people who are also by definition ... cheeky).

Example for definition 2:
This describes Stewie from Family Guy to a tee:

Brian: Oh my god, where's my roast pheasant?

Stewie: Hmm. By now, I think its in my lower intestine.


Brian: You ate it? But I told you my boss was coming here for dinner!

Stewie: Well, unless he likes pork rinds, he's going home hungry.


Brian: You cheeky bastard!
by TheShark06 September 25, 2006
A ghetto term that is the equivalent of the word children (see children)
1. So you bought some candy for the chillens, huh?
2. Do yourself a favor, keep your ____ off of the chillens ;)
by TheShark06 October 24, 2006
A more kid-friendly way of saying the word "S--T".
Derived from the process of censoring songs by playing curse words in reverse.
(The 'shi' part is played forwards but then immediately played in reverse before reaching the letter 't', thus producing the word "shish".)
1. "What the heck is all this shish?"
2. "You're full of shish".
3. "This shish is gonna hit the fan"
by TheShark06 September 24, 2006
A noun used to describe sexual intercourse - is usually used by someone who has an obsession with sharks or sea creatures.

Can be used interchangeably with the word ass.
Kyle: I was gettin' some fin last night - it was hot!

Morality Preacher: Whoa, whoa little pup - you're not even a shark yet. You should wait a few years before tappin' that fin ;)

Kyle: Yay Morals!
by TheShark06 October 28, 2006
adj. An improper way of saying that something has improved but not by much.

It's basically like saying: Something has improved, but not enough to say that it's 'better'

Note: An emphasis (italics) is usually placed on the last "er" to make clear the lack of substantial improvement.

Child: How do you feel I'm doing with my sparring?
Karate Instructor: It's ... better'er' - you still got some work to do.

Person 1: How are you doing in school?
Person 2: I'm doing betterer ... I'm still getting some Cs though.
by TheShark06 October 23, 2006
Abbreviated version of the word sh*t, as used by that "Angus Spokesperson" on one of Burger King's commercials.
Example 1.
Angus Spokesperson: I'm full of sit, you're full of sit, we're all full of sit!

Example 2.
Small child: You're a filthy piece of sit mommy! You only married daddy because he has a big...

Mother: I'd yell at you if it wasn' t for the fact that's true!
by TheShark06 September 25, 2006
Another way of saying the word "F--K".
It's just the f-word in reverse, usually used by those who are trying to stop cursing or by kids when they want to be wise with their parents.
1. "Shut the cuff up"
2. "Oh cuff!"
3. "What the cuff are you doing?"
by TheShark06 September 25, 2006

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