A term used to describe certain fashions of the past like mustaches and 80's clothing.
Man, that dude looks filthy in his mustache, curly hair, and bright clothes. He rivals the Floss's goatee.
by sixoclockshadow March 20, 2005
A nice dinner, generally fairly greasy and unhealthy but lovely nonetheless. What you might have in the Lobster Pot or Superdine after drinking the shit out of it. Curry Cheese Battered Sausage definitely falls into that category, as does a Garlic Cheese Chip.
I was so scagged so I didn't get into college til lunchtime so for breakfast I had a filthy Chicken Curry in the Stables.
by Porter "The Pooka" McKenna March 03, 2005
As relating to food: Delicious, yet extremely unhealthy and high in fat content
damn, this chili cheese dog is super filthy
by Nick January 27, 2005
Adj. 1. having extreme racist, homosexual, stupid, and/or moke tendencies; 2. being of African American, white trash, Filipino, or French ancestry.

N. 1. a person who exudes extreme filthy tendencies
person 1: "Hey, look, it's Tung."
person 2: "HO DA FILTHY."

"Goddammit, Nelson is such a fucking filthy."
by Ross Yamamoto December 22, 2004
All Women; whores; nasty; dirty dirty; hoes
Man Jodi is filthy, she is only 14 and she is givin the ass up to everybody...filthy!
by jigga.fromcali. May 18, 2003
Slang for someone who is very rich (has a lot of money) or someone who has a lot of possessions
I stay filthy and young fresh to def, jus look at my pockets
by whose?your?daddy July 15, 2005
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