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(adj) slang term for someone who is rich, hence the term 'filthy rich'.
duude! You live up in Beverly Hills!!?!? Your parents must be Filthy!!!
#rich #wealthy #filthy #loaded #well-off
by jingles123 January 17, 2011
(V) To exceedingly scrutinize, in most cases stalk, an alluring female.
Guy1- Hey man, whacha do last summer?
Guy2- I studied abroad.
Guy1- Where did you go?
Guy2- Oh, just around the city a couple of times and then to her house...
Guy1- You do know studying abroad means leaving the country, right? Hey, Wait! "Her House"!?!?
Guy2- Oh yeah, I followed her all the wall home just to stare intently and mind-rape her.
Guy1- *Expression o_O* You are one sick, miserable bastard. Ya know that? You really did "Study Abroad".
Guy2- Yeah, but would I do it again? :D
Guy1- Probably...
#study #abroad #sexy #female #look #gaze #mind-rape #stalk
by jingles123 January 21, 2011
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