Top Definition
1. A greeting
2. A word that can be used interchangably with any verb, noun, or adjective.
1. Yose Kids! What's Heppening?
2. I was yosing my girlfriend when my parents walked in on us.
by Nathan Ross February 14, 2003
1. To be used up physically, mentally, or emotionally to a point that it annoys others.

2. Being stubborn to a point that it annoys others.

3. Another way of writing and pronouncing the work "use".
After sleeping over at my friends house, I was very yose the next day.
by The Yoser December 30, 2009
To let someone down or disappoint in the context of leaving unexpectedly
"We were all going to the bars when suddenly, Kernum yosed out and went home"
by Anonymous February 15, 2003
another word for pot
noun: smoke some yose
verb: to yose
by aznEVASION22 September 11, 2005
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