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3 definitions by cuzzomike

really freakin burnt!!!! really burnt ass skin, food, hair, looks, basically torn back.
mrk: That shits hella boint!!!!!
mike: man hell ya!!
by cuzzomike September 03, 2009
A man or woman who finds the filthy when opportunity presents itself.
grab the "boys/ filthy finders" and lets go and get some filthies.
by cuzzomike August 26, 2009
Usually pertains to a group of young women aka filthies. Either in a positive or negative content (almost always negative) is she is in the club she is a automatic filthy. If she has a man then she is a filthy fronter.
mike:Yo Ant u see them filthies up at the bar?
Ant: u know it!
by cuzzomike August 27, 2009