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A dishonest and manipulative person in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. Usually applied to liars, scammers, fake-naturals, bunk-dealers and criminals. The word originates from the gh15 dialect variation of "filth".
this fella ,, mike arneld,, sits and steal money for bodybuild prep from goolible bodybuild...he charge money 600+$ for internet advice that does not deliver,, he done it to many and he has work on psycology and book knowldge rahter on hands on like a bodybuild should have,, this is a scam ,, DO NOT buy into it ,, you will throw money doen the drain ,, beter for you to take this money and order 3 kit gh or just give nice diamond braclet to girlfriend or buy 30 sushi meals insted

this fella IS SCAM OF EARTH ,, the definition of filt
#filt #gh15 #bodybuilding #scambag #pharma gh
by gh15pupil July 07, 2012
FILT is short for Father I'd Like (to) Tap. For a father you wanna tap all night long.
'Dude Alex's dad is a total FILT'


'Richard from friends is such a FILT'
#hotfather #sexy #good looking #ass #tap
by grapemonkey December 20, 2013
To Feel A Weird Sensation In Your Ear Until Your Filled With The Cunt Of Knowledge.
While Playing Halo I Totally Filt Those Kids When I Tee-bagged Them.
#cunt #filled #filt #sensation #knowledge
by Shawn/Shayan G. October 21, 2010
Someone who is homosexual
Boy, those filts kill me. They really do.
by Holden_Caulfield August 31, 2005
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