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The female reproductive organ
"I tongued her crevasse until she had a raging orgasm"
by Archaon August 30, 2007
the crack or space in the boobal area. formed by a particularly good bra, it often made evident when wearing a low cut shirt. Is usually a receptical for dropped objects(usually food)
i've once had a skittle in the crevasse for so long it stained my shirt.
by abrookinphiledelphia May 09, 2009
when a vag and a pooper are connected.
When Mrs. Natawie wants new floors she says" Hey John did you hear about these crevasse' floor tiles."
by natmellassie May 14, 2011
Usually applicable to small cheap hotels with double beds, one of which is very close to a side wall.
You yell crevasse and push an unexpected friend into the gap between the bed and the wall and then all of you pile on that kid and watch him suffer.
CREVASSE!!! (then tackle that murph)
by Jonny Winter X January 06, 2009
The act of crevassing
"Estabon was playing cleavage basketball while shelly's boobs began to crevasse. Lawlz"
by B00Bi3Z August 15, 2008

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