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To penetrate one's rectum with the penis , ejaculating into the rectum, and then sucking the seminal fluids out along with perhaps other juices and fecal delights that might already be present.
Justin Gonka loved to filch his dog, and get a tasty treat at the end.
by Roasted Marmot May 22, 2005
this is the act of de-clawing and shaving a hampster and shoving it up the rectum to let it crawl around until it dies.
Tim gave Gabe filching as his suprise birthday present.
by stfutwatwaffle November 18, 2008
this i an x file, mulder and scully do this
"lets go and filtch Mulder" said Scully , got any straws? lets go ask. Your Alien needs a good filching!
by Fenton November 13, 2003
from the age of sexually deprived people who just loved their animals, involves shoving rather porr inocent furry rodents up ones backside to achieve sexual pleasure.
pass time of townies
wat fuck? shove little fluffy up me batty crease ya bastard!
by barbarella June 08, 2004
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