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v : to steal something small or of little value
To filch from friends and relatives is the mark of a coward.
by Joe aka Codes August 19, 2003
To nick, or steal, something.
"That dirty little kid filched five pasties from me pantry last week!"
by Me November 06, 2002
Shoving a hamster or other animal up your ass. Can also be used pretty much everywhere.
Guy 1: I filch cats daily

Guy 2: Filch
by Khzar June 26, 2014
To steal leftover food (usually claimed)from someone you live with.
-Dude, what's wrong?
-Somebody filched my pizza!
by Shawn B. April 06, 2003
To filch is when a man eyaculates inside someones anus (usually another man), then he sucks the cum out with a straw like object. The filcher is the one who eyaculates. The filchee is the receptor of the cum. Filching is the act of filching. Filched is the usual past tense of the verb.
It was just going to be plain sex, but then we decided to filch.
by Eddi Meddi June 25, 2007
The substance formed when it's so hot that sweat runs down your back and into your arsecrack, liquifying the unwiped shit.
It's so hot I'm leaking filch
by GoggleboxUK May 12, 2015

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