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Female of the human species, (see female). Originated in Chicago, Illinois sometime in the past 100 years.
Horny Guy 1: Damn you see the ass on that fifi?

Horny Guy 2: Whaa? That shit was whack!
by sidoon July 14, 2008
28 47
A "nicer" name for poop. Usually used by children who also aren't allowed to use the word fart.
"What do I do if I find fifi in the pool?"
by Num1gun October 18, 2009
24 48
Can be used to refer to an attractive young female.
I saw this really cute girl in town today she was a total Fifi.

I going to have to get back to you later on that, Ive got an attractive young Fifi to take out to dinner.
by Sandlines September 03, 2011
40 66
an inside out penis
man 1: yallah ulehh come on lets go
man 2: nahh bro i cant i got a fifi
by leanne and jenet August 09, 2008
14 40
Any simulated vagina, homemade or commercial.
When I was in reform school, every guy would trade things to get the stuff to make a fifi.
by Mikel1777 August 29, 2006
305 333
An Asian woman who is dating a fat, middle aged man because she's trying to get. dat. cash. She probably doesn't speak english very well, is not educated, and has a deep-seeded passion for daisy dukes.

Fifis are commonly found in large cities across the globe. They can be spotted in age-inappropriate clothing, clinging to a man who could be their father, and possibly pushing a stroller if they were lucky enough to get wifed up.
My dad just married a fifi, and luckily for my inheritance he's sending her to college too!
by MVKD-TGC June 28, 2011
72 101
pronounced (fee fee)
A homemade sex toy that is made by taking 2 latex gloves filled with warm water, then tie the fingers and wrists together, add lube to the middle, and you have a fifi
also known as
Last night I walked in on my brother using a fifi, and now i`m mind scarred for life.
by n@sty @ss October 07, 2009
30 59