Can be used to refer to an attractive young female.
I saw this really cute girl in town today she was a total Fifi.

I going to have to get back to you later on that, Ive got an attractive young Fifi to take out to dinner.
by Sandlines September 03, 2011
are shoes that are crusty or that you cannot wear with skinny jeans.
If you bought your shoes from the payless bogo sale you got fi fi's
by JABARI SINCERE December 18, 2010
A space creature, known to those who love him as, "Fifis, or the Fetus Eater" and known to those who hate him as, "Feces or Fifus"
1. I love you Fifis!

2. I don't like you feces!
by Nick Fifis July 11, 2006
Commonly referred to as the "house centipede," this freakishly large and alarmingly fast bug can be found in any basement in North America, entering one's house through the drains.

It is known that Fifis like damp areas, so if one leaves a pile of towels on the floor after showering their basement, they are certain to find one. Fifis also run towards you to hide in your clothes, which is probably the worst part.

The Fifi has a disgusting number of legs and antennae, which makes it *almost* resemble something cute and cuddly, hence the ironic name "Fifi."
Holy shit, that Fifi is ridiculously huge... omg it's running straight towards me!
by March 26, 2010
A "nicer" name for poop. Usually used by children who also aren't allowed to use the word fart.
"What do I do if I find fifi in the pool?"
by Num1gun October 18, 2009
pronounced (fee fee)
A homemade sex toy that is made by taking 2 latex gloves filled with warm water, then tie the fingers and wrists together, add lube to the middle, and you have a fifi
also known as
Last night I walked in on my brother using a fifi, and now i`m mind scarred for life.
by n@sty @ss October 07, 2009
Any simulated vagina, homemade or commercial.
When I was in reform school, every guy would trade things to get the stuff to make a fifi.
by Mikel1777 August 29, 2006
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