Pronounced "fee-fee". A slang term for methamphetamine made popular by the slang master of the Yay Area, E-40.
My partner used to be sharp but now he on fifi. What do fifi mean? Methamphetamine. I can't believe it man. He disappointed me. I'm devastated man, he lost cool points with me.
by Blackice19 April 05, 2012
are shoes that are crusty or that you cannot wear with skinny jeans.
If you bought your shoes from the payless bogo sale you got fi fi's
by JABARI SINCERE December 18, 2010
Fuck it, Fly it. It is used in the aerospace industry when something is working right, but you want to use it anyway. Usually due to tight schedules or irresponsibility
Guy: Hey, didn't that bracket have a big crack in it
Engineer: Perhaps, but you can see it has duct tape now and that's good enough cause it is due tomorrow.
by Propt April 16, 2010
Acronym: F@ck it, Fly it. Used in military aircraft squadrons when one who does not know if a discrepancy causes the condition of the aircraft to be grounded or is flight ready.
Pilot: "Does this look ok?"
Crew Chief: "It looks ok to me, FIFI!"
by sryca July 10, 2008
A space creature, known to those who love him as, "Fifis, or the Fetus Eater" and known to those who hate him as, "Feces or Fifus"
1. I love you Fifis!

2. I don't like you feces!
by Nick Fifis July 11, 2006
French word for faggots
Un homme qui est un fi-fi.
by Fern August 12, 2003
Female of the human species, (see female). Originated in Chicago, Illinois sometime in the past 100 years.
Horny Guy 1: Damn you see the ass on that fifi?

Horny Guy 2: Whaa? That shit was whack!
by sidoon July 14, 2008

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