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acronym used in message boards, meaning "Fixed it for ya". Most often used in quoting another posters work and slightly changing it.
Poster 1 "I really enjoyed 'Brokeback Mountain!'"

Poster 2: "<Poster_1>I really enjoy gay sex with cowboys!</Poster_1> FIFY!
by staunch_hillbilly March 02, 2006
Fify stands for ' Fit in (a) few years'

When used in a sentence : "That girl is a Fify".

Applies to all girls under the age of 16. when you see a hot girl that is possibly younger then the age of 16 then the word "Fify" is a short term saying for telling someone that a girl is going to be hot when she turns 16. "Fify" is a simple descriptive word of a young girl that a man may find sexually attractive but simply can't state she is fit because she is too young. The word is socially acceptable because when using the word "Fify", a man is basically acknowledging that the female is too young to be called fit and so instead of coming across as a pedophile, a man can use this word with safety because it clearly sates that the female will be hot when she turns the legal age of 16.
"That girl is defiantly a "Fify"

"yea that girl over there is a "Fify"

or used on its own "Fify"
by Squilt19 September 30, 2011
its what we call a hot ass girl in the woodlands
mike: yo billy what are we gonna do at market street tonight?

billy: we're gonna find some fine ass fifies tonight, mad chickens everywhere!!!
by miiiiiiike October 11, 2006
Free Information For You
i bought a new hat, that was just FIFY.
by goldenlover606 April 15, 2008

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