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One who tells lies. Use usually implies a certain amount of affection on the part of the one using the word of another.
"Oh, you are such a fibber!"
by Nupe January 06, 2004
One of the massively many attendants to the first 10 or so editions of the Benicàssim International Festival for independent -indie- music (FIB: Festival Internacional de Benicàssim) at the esat coast of Spain by the Mediterranean sea. It does not imply being a lier or a bastard, as some other definitios of this word suggest, but it conveys a sense of melomany and rave to a certain extent. There was a free paper magazine being edited by the organizers in english and spanish that regularly addressed every spectator as a fibber,
Many fibbers later became specimens of other urban tribes, such as grunges, clubbers, moderns or hipsters. The FIB has now evolved, changing location, camping facilities and artist selection policies, but it is still massive.
-"Benicàssim is living the invasion of fibbers once again this summer"
by aswarp June 19, 2015
A fantastic metal/hard rock pub on Parnell Street in Dublin city centre. 3 euro drinks on a Thursday!
Hey were you in Fibbers last Thursday?

Yes I was and i woke up in the sound booth on Sunday, must have been a good night!
by Metal I clock August 28, 2008
An extended version of the acronym FIB, which stands for "Fuckin' Illinois Bastard/bitch." Use when you've already overused FIB and gotta change it up. Used primarily by Wisconsinites.
Shit, that damn fibber minivan practically ran me off the road!
by OpusAtrum1 January 21, 2009
One who is from Illinois (stands for F*cking Illinois Bastard
The fibber drove really fast up in Wisconsin
by mike January 18, 2005
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