Fuck For Grades.

When you fuck your teacher for good grades.
dude 1: done the essay?
dude 2: No man, gonna FFG
by freely77 September 22, 2011
F.F.G. = Freshly Fucked Grin
The smile found on someone's face shortly after the act of luuurve.
(At a party) Look at that couple coming down the stairs, I know what they've been doing, she's blatantly got F.F.G.
by Daniel H May 23, 2006
and online emotion or a short hand way of saying "farts feel good"
"man i just had the best one ever ffg...txt me l8tr"
by dblano May 28, 2009
Future Fat Girl...
Tell Tale signs are:
1. small waist with a double chin
2. child bearing hips
3. thick ankles or cankles
4. flabby under arms
5. often says "I can eat what I want and never gain weight"
6. never loses her "baby fat"
7. describes herself as thick at 10 yrs old
8. has double D tits before she gets her first period
9. She has a fat mom
10. Jello booty
Cindy looks good now but she is a FFG...in 2 yrs her ass'll inflate like a life raft.
by Chuck W. January 30, 2005
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