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Personal information about people on the Internet, often including real name, known aliases, address, phone number, SSN, credit card number, etc.
"Someone dropped Bob's dox and the next day, ten pizzas and three tow trucks showed up at his house."
by Anonymous97875864 August 16, 2008
Dox, or being doxed, in terms of online forum sites, is the physical equivalent of being butt-raped irl. Just as all the greats have, when a person is "doxed", all their personal information is made available for all users to see. Names, addresses, phone numbers and school/work are not spared, and this usually leads to the person ceasing all ties with said websites, if not the interwebs as a whole.
**Nao Commencing Dox Dump**

anon 1 hey guise, lets butt-raep this guy: Mr. Kittenz, 53 Kittenland, 1800-Kittens
anon 2 yes, lets.
by Hayobi52 May 15, 2010
doxxing is when someone's personal information is leaked onto the internet by a hacker. usually includes address, phone number, and place of work.
Person 1:Did you see those KKK members on twitter?
Person 2:Yeah I heard that they got doxxed on tumblr. Wanna call them and curse them out for being awful people?
Person 1:Hell yeah!
by HeyDeAsia November 29, 2014
DOX is short for DOCUMENTS. Its a common word in the warez-scene, meaning patches, updates cracks etc
Do you have the new server dox for ut2k3?
by jan banan October 06, 2003
The word doxing is a mixture of dick and boxing and refers to two or more people fighting with their dicks.
Yo did you see that doxing match earlier today?
by Geminiio April 11, 2016
Dox is an abbreviated term for the word ‘document’ or ‘documents’.
Laura just transferred a copy of all of her computer dox onto her external storage device.
by PDMS February 28, 2014
To be a gutless leader
You did a dox with that match on sunday night!
by Nikkity June 02, 2003
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