apparently what you get when you combine "delicious" and "fergie". her parents must be so proud.
"fergilicious defintion make them boys go loco."
by Bethanie October 24, 2006
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By Fergie's definition is to make them boys go loco or crazy.

By everyone elses definition is word used to describe someone who thinks they are sexy when in fact they are not and try too hard.

Fergie is fergilicious!

I saw Tosha at the park and she is so fergilicious.
by bitchybitchbitch November 21, 2006
In the state of being overly fergied.
I'm so fergilicious.
by BandS November 18, 2006
An itiotic word used by women and gay males to suggest something is "Gewd Looking"
Hey Tommy, OH MY GOD, those shoes look fergilicious!
by zomgwtf?pwn3d March 24, 2007
weak, lame, annoying. Just like that song by Fergie
There is a reason why that song is called Fergilicious, it sucks.
by planBe February 01, 2007
State of extreme skankiness, sometimes accompanied by tranniness, in the case of everyone's favourite joke, Stacy (or is it Stephen?)Fergison.
That's a fergilicious shirt; you can totally see your nipples.
by zombie_fools April 14, 2008
A term used to describe an ugly woman who looks like a man with ugly hair. It really does drive the boys crazy with how fug her face is.
Is that a man or a woman? Either way, he/she be Fergilicious.
by Bobwehadababyanditsaboy May 02, 2007

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