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The most beautiful thing to walk this planet!
Tosha is the most beautiful thing to walk the planet and the editors that reject this are mad that i go out with her and they dont!
by Loganisdbomb July 10, 2006
A girl who is very shy at first but when you get to know her she's very fun to be around and funny but gets annoying sometimes. You can never stay mad at her for long. Also the boys will end up falling for her. And she has a temper but can't stay mad at people for long but don't ever get her mad she gets pissed so don't fuck with her.
OMG I love Tosha's their awesome
by hi_me October 06, 2013
A white female who thinks she is of the other color, therefore making her a complete badass/Bleotch, complete with greasy hair, elongated nails with designs on them, and poor English Vocabulary.
Man devin orellana is such a tosha.
by Matt Mire December 03, 2004
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