5 definitions by BandS

A cooler way to say yup.
Yuppers. That is cool.
by BandS October 12, 2006
In the state of being overly fergied.
I'm so fergilicious.
by BandS November 18, 2006
The cool way to say very excited.
I am so freakin uber pumped!
by BandS October 16, 2006
1.A child over 200 lbs.

2.A strange way to say maybe.
1.My handsom boy just turned 4. He is muppers.

2.Are you a virgin? Muppers.
by BandS December 27, 2006
1.An interesting and gnarly way to sas your parents.

2.A cooler way to say nup,nope,or no.
1.Nuppers you pothetic sluts.

2.Do you know what 2+2 is? Nuppers.
by BandS November 20, 2006

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