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A person who justifies their hate for men by calling it "feminism". Is not a true activist for feminism, which is the equality of the sexes, but rather an advocate of Matriarchy (women in complete power). Frequently, this person believes that women are more intelligent and generally better because they have vaginas.
Jenny is a feminist. She believes in equality between sexes by advocating women's rights.

Susan is a femenazi. She hates men and everything that has to do with them because they have penises. She justifies this by calling herself a feminist. Susan is not a feminist. Susan is a bitch.
by kawwl December 02, 2013
A woman who believes that women are the superior gender, and that all men are pigs that would fuck anything with a hole.
Kate: Wow, Miguel is such a an asshole! He stared at that tree for hours!
Jennifer: Stop being like that, your such a femenazi.
by FancyL February 02, 2015
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