an overly sensitive, emotional hetrosexual male or an extremly femine male. The allusin is to the enemies of Jamie Sommers, "The Bionic Woman" who were femal impersonating female. The connotation is that this man is so intouch with his feminie side he dosent have to fake or act.Its automatic, like a robaot, thus making him a fembot and the enemy of uncaring, insensitive males everywhere.
Kevin actually cried when Tash'a cat died? man, he is such a fembot.
by Dwayne Boyd December 30, 2005
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Allusion to the movie "Austin Powers," where very stereotypically beautiful women were actually robots designed to entrap the main character with their physical appeal and then kill him. Used to describe women, particularly in media, who fit beauty standards to an unrealistic degree and are presented as objects of sexual desire, yet bear the accompanying "bubbleheaded blonde" stereotype of low intelligence.
I'm so sick of seeing all these beer commercials overrun with fembots. Do people actually find that attractive?
by house9 July 06, 2004
n. the original Fembots were female robots built to take down The Bionic Woman. The bad guys even duplicated Callahan, her sidekick.
The Bionic Woman got her butt kicked by the Fembots.
by bill keller August 09, 2005
On the various incarnations of THE TRANSFORMERS cartoon (especially Beast Wars), slang for a female robot.
"That Blackarachnia sure is a nasty fembot."
by Koby_Fish April 22, 2004
Girls who have guns that come out of their jubblys.
Huh! Vanessa, your a fembot!
by michael June 21, 2003
A woman who is an uber-feminist.As in, such a feminist she's a robot. She finds all men inferior and feels they should all be completely subservent. Are insulted when someone says "Bitchin'", "Sexy", or any other "derogatory" terms.
Stacy's such a fembot, I heard she slapped her boyfriend when he said his car was "bringing sexy back." Which she hated.
by cabelhigh April 05, 2009
Fembots is an abbreviation for feminist robots; it captures the way feminists are herd-thinkers, not critical observers with the capacity for working an issue through by themselves. Fembots are ideologues, people whose knees "jerk" when subjected to the appropriate stimulus, which is commonly a challenge to their belief system. The robotic qualities of feminism are due to many things, not the least of which is that gender-feminism is a self-referential cult, not a philosophy of truth. The responses of this movement are pre-programmed. Finally, latter-day feminism is a descendent of totalitarian, or Utopian thought systems; like Stalinism, gender-feminism cannot tolerate independent thinking.
"Suggest that women abuse their husbands as often as husbands abuse their wives. It has been statistically established. Nevertheless, fembots will spout a denial on cue.
by TheRedPillWorks January 14, 2012
- conjunction of Fem-nazi (see elsewhere in Urban Dictionary) and ro-bot; a mindless automaton with not even AI (Artificial Intelligence).
- one who believes in and invests their PROFESSIONAL careers and finances to support the foolish

- takes their gender discriminatory, PERSONAL beliefs and applies them to their PROFESSIONAL lives as policepeoples,

judges, social workers, pastors, counselors, reporters, media producers, prosecutors, doctors, shelter operators, etc.

so as to advance their careers and continue the BIG LIE
- one who mindlessly seeks by perpetrating gendercide against MEN as God's given providers, protectors, fathers, husbands, sons, cousins,

family and friends for all of society.
- That cop is a fembot that believes all violence begins with men.
- A fembot says "together we can prevent violence against women and children" as if a woman has never been violent.
- Thinking anti-fembots say "together we can prevent violence against PEOPLE".
- Fembots fund womens shelters with shrill and discriminatory gendercide claims.
- Under reporting of violence by women allows fembots to compile statistics against men.
- Invasion of the fembots is leading men to avoid marriage.
by Beatdead Dad February 25, 2014

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