A woman who is tired of touchy-feely friendships and being the vulnerable one in romance, a new breed of steely female, beating guys at their own game.
She doesn't feel need to conform to situations that call for being fake-nice or openly emotional.
She is realistic and tells is like it is while still being civil, appropriate and fairly considerate to others who might be more 'soft.'
"I might want to get to know a girl at my office who seems cool. But why bother? It's too much work to become someone's friend, and I don't know if I'm going to be here in six months... I may be a fembot but oh well!"
by Cory Seeger August 03, 2007
an overly sensitive, emotional hetrosexual male or an extremly femine male. The allusin is to the enemies of Jamie Sommers, "The Bionic Woman" who were femal impersonating female. The connotation is that this man is so intouch with his feminie side he dosent have to fake or act.Its automatic, like a robaot, thus making him a fembot and the enemy of uncaring, insensitive males everywhere.
Kevin actually cried when Tash'a cat died? man, he is such a fembot.
by Dwayne Boyd December 30, 2005
you see that fembot kevin is dating?
by jester September 30, 2003
n, 1) bile inducing, mind numbing, soul destroying, life sapping, god awful wankload of shit. 2) A pointless programme in which the Help option tells you to use features that don't exist. 3) A programme that saves your current work over every other FEMBOT file on your computer. 4) The bane of any users existence
I hate FEMBOT! IT's went and saved over all my other work again
by Pete February 08, 2005

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