- conjunction of Fem-nazi (see elsewhere in Urban Dictionary) and ro-bot; a mindless automaton with not even AI (Artificial Intelligence).
- one who believes in and invests their PROFESSIONAL careers and finances to support the foolish

- takes their gender discriminatory, PERSONAL beliefs and applies them to their PROFESSIONAL lives as policepeoples,

judges, social workers, pastors, counselors, reporters, media producers, prosecutors, doctors, shelter operators, etc.

so as to advance their careers and continue the BIG LIE
- one who mindlessly seeks by perpetrating gendercide against MEN as God's given providers, protectors, fathers, husbands, sons, cousins,

family and friends for all of society.
- That cop is a fembot that believes all violence begins with men.
- A fembot says "together we can prevent violence against women and children" as if a woman has never been violent.
- Thinking anti-fembots say "together we can prevent violence against PEOPLE".
- Fembots fund womens shelters with shrill and discriminatory gendercide claims.
- Under reporting of violence by women allows fembots to compile statistics against men.
- Invasion of the fembots is leading men to avoid marriage.
by Beatdead Dad February 25, 2014
A female anon on /r9k/.
A female version of /r9k/'s brobot.
Brobot: ITT: Being a male introvert.
Fembot: I've never had a boyfriend...
Brobot: No fembots allowed. GTFO!
by Some Fembot June 26, 2012
Homosexual male who exudes feminine characteristics and mannerisms.
That fembot jumped up on the table when he was deathly frightened from the dime sized spider that was resting next to his chair leg.
by pabs escobar February 04, 2011
A person you see on Omegle often. Yes, often. They are the annoying sons-a-bitches who paste bulla sheit for reasons unknown to anyone but themselves.
They have taken on many forms, and the most common is listed below.
This is a fembot:
You: Hi!
Stranger: hey! my name is sara and i just turned 18 and I am about to do my first webcam. I want as many people to see me get completely naked for my first time
Stranger: My webcam is -link- Do you think I'm hot?
Stranger: oh shit the webcam just started
Stranger: srry, i have to get off Omegle... i'm gonna start now. see if you can join asap
by TuerBlancMars July 10, 2010
A female employee whose sole purpose in life is to make tea and coffee and arrange grapes on a plate. She is incapable of answering the phone or sending her line manager to the right meeting on the right day.

She also throws herself at anything in trousers with a pulse, laughing at inappropriate moments like a maniac at anything they say.
Fembot's deffo done it on a roller coaster. Then she reconfigured herself into the big wheel so everyone can ride her and drink tea at the same time.
by Still not a monkey February 11, 2010
A combination of the words female and robot, used to describe the dry pasty bitch that always sits in front of the lecture and asks a fuck load of questions, they have no swag, there hair is atrocious and they generally never invest in there sex appeal much the same way a robot cannot be distracted from what is programmed to do a fembot can never be peer pressured into having the slightest bit of fun, they have no sense of humor or adventure and worst of all they NEVER PUT OUT! So don't bother charming them, they always sit by themselves due to there lack of friends.
Person 1: I was chatting up that chick with the oily hair for a whole semester and when I though we were gonna have sex she started doing calculus.
Person 2: I told you bro she's a fembot 5000
by gunny bunny April 13, 2012
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