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Slang for smoking the weed. This originated in Auburn, AL circa 2006. It began as a code phrase amongst a group of friends so they could openly talk about getting high in class, at work or any public place for that matter. The fish refers to the fish shaped bong that was fed by many hungry pot head co-eds.
"Hey Sam...lets get together and feed the fish later. I miss that little fucker."
by zimbabarbie August 27, 2011
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A codeword used between sexual partners to secretly refer to taking birth control without others knowing what you're talking about.
Guy: Did you remember to feed the fish?
Girl: Yes :)
by expert_pronunciator February 02, 2010
To vomit, especially over the side of a boat, where the vomit would then be eaten by fish.
I was seasick on the ferry and had to feed the fish
by tvod November 14, 2014
A typical pirate phrase, used to describe fighting on the seas (any opponent pirate pieces would be feeding the fish that the ships are on).
"Arr, I'ma feed the fish with you, boy!"
by RadaRroxy July 11, 2008

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