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The act of masturbating or being masturbated into a pond/lake.
Anne and I get naked and she helps me in 'feeding the fish' at her Dad's fishing hole.

During their Summer vacation Matt and Mike enjoyed the simple pleasures of feeding the fish
by travelling_man January 28, 2013
Male, female or mixed sex couples/groups who meet to masturbate socially.

A non-marital partner who lets you watch them 'play'.
Jeff and Steve were regular wank-mates in 6-8th grade.

Debbie and Sally enjoyed frigging together before going clubbing.

Fiona and I enjoyed a regular wanks in her parents garden-lodge, last summer. She's a good wank-mate always ready to get her knickers down and rub.
by travelling_man January 28, 2013
A teen with an awesome boob endowment.

More so when coupled with slim hips and legs.

See also Yulia Nova the Russian Big Boob starlette
Man One: (noticing a well filled T) Betcha don't get many of them to the pound.

Man Two: Nah! Such big breathes and only 16.

Man One: yeah, some real heavy freight under there
by travelling_man January 28, 2013
A topless girl with perfect firm half-orange sized breasts. Sometimes with rose-bud or long/mature nipples.
Katy: Look at that pretty-chest.

Dawn: She has some real nice nips.

Stuart loved Fiona's pretty chest and regulary played with her long nips.
by travelling_man January 28, 2013
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