(N)Someone who encapsulates all the true capabilities of being adorable while simultaneously wearing a fashionable fedora hat.
"Wow, that girl in the red shirt really looks fedorable today. I should go talk to her."
by MateoDiAmor August 20, 2011
A description of someone who looks cute while wearing a Fedora.
You see that girl with the hat on? She's so fedorable.

My my aren't you just fedorable?

Baby indiana Jones would be so fedorable!
by KobayashiMarooned March 15, 2011
When you are wearing a fedora and you look really cute.

alt: when you look really really adorable, as in effing adorable.
Oh my gosh you look fedorable!!!, Ooh he is fedorable.
by bigredfosho May 06, 2010
When one wears a Fedora hat and looks adorable. Hence, FEDORABLE!
She looks fedorable!
by Jildo805 February 07, 2011
Noun- to look cute, adorable in a fedora/ to wear a fedora really well.
Sean: Hey look at fedora
Jeff: Yeah! He's so fedorable!!
by blueshirt April 20, 2010
Someone who can easily pull of a fedora
*Girl walks in, wearing fedora*

Dude: Man, she's fedorable.
by Kass! July 21, 2009
adorable or cute in a fedor emelianenko kind of way
Dude 1:Wow look at that picture of baby fedor
Dude 2:Man he is so fedorable
by frostycake December 30, 2007
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