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A description of someone who looks cute while wearing a Fedora.
You see that girl with the hat on? She's so fedorable.

My my aren't you just fedorable?

Baby indiana Jones would be so fedorable!
by KobayashiMarooned March 15, 2011
2 15
When you are wearing a fedora and you look really cute.

alt: when you look really really adorable, as in effing adorable.
Oh my gosh you look fedorable!!!, Ooh he is fedorable.
by bigredfosho May 06, 2010
6 21
When one wears a Fedora hat and looks adorable. Hence, FEDORABLE!
She looks fedorable!
by Jildo805 February 07, 2011
3 19
Noun- to look cute, adorable in a fedora/ to wear a fedora really well.
Sean: Hey look at fedora
Jeff: Yeah! He's so fedorable!!
by blueshirt April 20, 2010
3 22
Someone who can easily pull of a fedora
*Girl walks in, wearing fedora*

Dude: Man, she's fedorable.
by Kass! July 21, 2009
7 31
adorable or cute in a fedor emelianenko kind of way
Dude 1:Wow look at that picture of baby fedor
Dude 2:Man he is so fedorable
by frostycake December 30, 2007
83 142