Able to be stretched to a fantastic degree.
One night while George and Carl got into one of those conversations straight guys wish they never started. They were trying to decide who's back end was more fedorable. After avoiding being candid for awhile, the grain alcohol kicked in, and George blurted out, "Hell I once had half of skull and bones up there. You know how wild those parties can get."
Carl couldn't get this out of his mind while he watched the State of the Union address.
by Jorge Bushata February 17, 2008
Top Definition
easily roused to unreasonable and racist rage.
Luke looked like a gentle soul, but when he was wearing that funny white hood and holding a torch, he was fedorable.
by Bo Dukes nutsack February 16, 2008
disposable, trash, unable to be used for anything other than its now obsolete function.
When I'm gone, you don't need to bury me. Just toss me in the rubbish. I'm fedorable. I don't mind.
by headache and nausea February 12, 2008
able to be spread evenly, from the "Agrarian Almanac," 1973
1) Manure is a relatively cheap fertilizer that is rich in nutrients and extremely fedorable.
2) Chad preferred to withold his ejaculate in the ancient Chinese custom of storing Chi, but Marcus was as fedorable as a garden sprinkler.
by Farmer Joe's seed February 16, 2008
accordianlike, foldable, able to shrink.
The penis, the nipple, and the anus are remarkably fedorable organs.
by headache and nausea February 13, 2008
a suitable candidate for jousting, or simply poking with a stick
Louis I found Richard the lionhearted eminently fedorable. They were also suspected of being lovers.
by Sir Richard Branson February 14, 2008
Fabrics that chafe the inner thigh and lower buttock.
Doris switched over to thongs, because there was none of the danger she usually faced with more fedorable materials, and it caused all the gentlemen at the senior buffet to give her a second look.
by McCains depends February 17, 2008
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