As a kid, his dad owned a McDonald's and his mom owned a burger king. He ate for free whenever he was hungry. When he got tired of mickie D's, he went to BK, and vice-versa.

Childhood obesity came and the doctors didn't give him too long to live. The make-a-wish foundation gave him his dream of being in the hip-hop industry before he would "die"... but that was like... 15 years ago? Proving his resolve, at the same time proving doctors wrong and he's not gonna soon stop rapping... oops I mean "Rapping".

One thing he never changed from his childhood: He starts his day in a fast food restaurant, ends it that way too, unless his dinner doesn't go down right, in which case, it ends on the crapper.
We love Fat Joe, well not his music, but him. And so we NEED to constantly tell him the two most important words... Jenny Craig... Fat joe, you need Slim Fast... and FAST
by Raw Doggy April 05, 2010
one metric ton of useless fat.
fat joe is horrible, but you should go to - fighting to save music from sellout corporate record labels.
by aaron and pat April 16, 2005
An Overweight Bronx rapper with Puerto-Rican heritage. Used to Perform with the now dead rapper Big Pun(isher).
Fat Joe is a decent rapper.
by B June 21, 2003
Rapper who used to be really good back when Big Pun was still alive, now he just sucks big balls. Also, one of the only people alive who are not black and can get away saying nigga. Also goes by the name Joey Crack.
Kid 1: You heard of that nigga Fat Joe?
Kid 2: Yeah, he sucks now, but he was good when Pun was still alive. I wonder why?
Kid 1: That's cuz Pun wrote all his lyrics, dumbass.
by Frank White, King of New York November 27, 2007
a fat puerto rican/ asian lookin rapper that always says nigga even though he isnt one....has a few hot joints like lean back...
lean back, lean back!!!!
by lufaz!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 20, 2004
Fat Joe, may be top 40, but he still keeps it real. He's used to write "crack" back in the 80's when graffiti was alive at its fullest. He killed cars and rolled with some of NYC's finest graff legends like Cope 2. He is a decent emcee, has a dope voice, and has message in lyrics. If you disagree with me check out my other def's, im no wack hiphop listener.
I would've never expected Fat Joe to write graff back in the 80's
by Hamydeez April 16, 2004
The worst rapper that I have ever seen. He looks like a mexican/black/asian/gorilla. He needs to lay off of the Big Macs.
Fat Joe is a fat gorilla who sucks at rapping.
by MikeyMo August 12, 2006
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