stupid hungry fat idiot who eats sneakers but only allows people to see them licking them, that why u always see him wearing new shoes. He's a racist wannabe whose fat and like to use viagra.
yo man, fat joe just ate a dozen sneakers and now he's goin to McDonalds, WTF??!!
by fatbackcrackjoehater September 17, 2006
A puerto rican rapper who is very obese and looks lyk a very overweight baby. As a rapper he aint talented i lyk one of his songs from lyk 4 years ago but thats it. Heads the terror squad and probably thr only guy you wil recognise from them. Despite not being black he can get away with saying "nigga" without gettin shot. despite his obvious shiteness the man's done well for himself i saw his house on Cribs. I propose he sells his stuff and gives the money to the bronx so it may help better itself.
has beef wif 50 cent. Don't get me wrong i think they're both faggots- but Joe is consistent with his rhymes- all about the Bronxand his ghetto life etc. 50, however, jus changes his rhymes themes- one album its the thug in da club, next its the dude hu wants 2 take you to the candy shop. So i would like 2 see fat joe stomp out 50 but 50s mainstream rhymes and popularity with dumb asses means this will probably never happen.
Fat Joe is an overweight baby and unnecessarily rich. he could squash 50 in more ways than one.
by jimre September 04, 2005
A Fat Joe is someone who is morbidly obese
Look at him he is a Fat Joe!
by lotteh November 06, 2007
A fat ass rapper who made one of the lamest duets ever with ashanti and ja rule. I swear, he's white. Also, his little stint on mtv cribs a while ago showed he knows fuck all about cars, see my definition of rover
Yo yo yo it's fat joe

by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
Slang For an erection.
Your dad had a Fat Joe last night.
by Tom, Paul, Damon, Meagen, Alysa October 04, 2004
reppin tha bronx, has his own group called the TERROR SQUAD. he's dope but underated. contrary to what many people think, he is NOT signed to murder inc. check out his new terror squad joint called LEAN BACK. DO THA ROC-A-WAY
b2k crip walkin' like das whatsuP ahahaha --- from lean back

by ROLLIN ON DUBZ July 20, 2004
obese chimpmunk looking boy who thinks his ninja skills are kick ass and sees himself as a major hottie
yo man im so fly all da laydiez wanna piece of diz im crescent
by k-money January 08, 2005

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