having a nice face ass and titties. a true compliment
damnnnnn shes got some FAT on herrr
by kchang October 14, 2010
something that 99% of all skinny girls somehow see themselves
hot skinny chick: *looks in mirror* ew i'm so fat i swear i'm not gonna eat anything for a month
hot skinny chick: *raids pantry*
by dic...tionary July 04, 2015
1. noun: slang, acronym used to descibe someone who is extremely attactive, (fine and tempting) also known as phat (pretty hot and tempting)

2. adjective: term used to describe the size and effectiveness of a joint, doobie, or marijuna cigarette
1. Dude, you see that girl over there? She is fat (phat)! I'm taking that home to mama!

2. As soon as I get home, I am gonna roll me up a fat one and get f**ked up
by noangel1987 September 19, 2009
stands for Fake Ass Titties
Yo, check out that chick's FAT(s).
Look at the FATs on that girl.
She's a FAT bitch anyway.
by DOC aka PLAYBOY October 23, 2007
Anything N Everything.
I'm Fat. You're Fat. We're All Fat.
by Fat Andy November 22, 2004
Hey bro! I met this new girl she is amazing!

*sees girl*
Awh no man! That's Kenny's ex gf fats that bitch is crazy af.
by Jessme611 February 19, 2014
Grace helbig: look at that girl commenting on comments.. New viewser viewser..
viewser: Ur FAT
Grace helbig : yeah i am. Fierce, Awesome and Talented.
by your mom 10001 May 29, 2013

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