Enough with being politically correct. Fat is any weight above BMI 25. You are FAT when you are FAT. No other words to describe it. You look fat when you have a belly bulging. You eat more than 10,000 calories a day and the exercise you do is walking to the refrigerator to get more food. You have cankles i.e. calf fused with ankles. You have farms i.e. fat arms. You have rolls all over your body.

You use genetics as an excuse for your fat lardy body when everyone knows it is just bullshit you use to deceive your own fat brain. You spew illogical nonsense about eating disorders (which fat people do not have) and get "triggered" (which is complete bullcrap) when someone calls you FAT.

Calling someone fat is a fact. If you are fat, I call you fat. That is a fact. It is not insulting, not hating, not wrong. It is just a fact. The same as calling the sky, sky. The car, a car. The bird, a bird. Only FAT morons think that calling someone "fat" is insulting. You are fat. Why is that so hard to understand?

Fat is bad. Get fit or die fat.

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Taylurrr is fat because of she is Obese and has more rolls than a croissant:

"Fat" is a term that is being used more and more often now days.
This word is being thrown around lightly. Fat, or Obese, means to be over sized, or enlarged.
Hollywood portrays that any woman over 100 pounds is "fat".
Genetics, Stress levels, Work habits, etc can effect a persons weight.
Not all "Fat" people can help how big they are. Sure they can increase exercize habits, and eat healthier, but that does not always mean they will get thin.
anybody who uses this word as an insult, is a hateful human being.
by Taylurrr April 11, 2006"
by DieFatFucks February 08, 2015
A word you use to describe yourself when you're insecure, even though you're beautiful.
Girl: "Ugh, I'm so fat."
Boy: (In his mind) You're perfect.
by ThatGirlOvaThere May 29, 2012
The go-to insult. It requires little thought and is perhaps one of the most uncreative yet highly effective insults in the English language.
Person 1: You have got to be one of the worst drivers I have ever seen.
Person 2: Oh yeah, well you're fat.
Person 1: Screw you asshole!
by mcdove August 08, 2016
A thing that makes you more heavy, and sometimes keeps you warm in winter and gives you presence.
Fat can be earned by eating jellies and chocolate cakes, but also by drinking non-diet sodas or beer and eating crisps. Also a factor of breaking up in some love stories.
Girl: Why did you break up with me? I am so sad without you :'(
Boy: Because I only like fat nowhere else but in the breasts.
by Flex Blur November 04, 2011
a word used in reply to combat the mass amounts of "kys" (meaning kill yourself) comments on YouTube made popular by the reaction YouTuber "Pyrocynical". He made a video telling everyone to reply to "kys" comments with "fat" to ensure that this kind of YouTube cancer would be put to a stop.

by Twitch.tv/FiftyHP June 25, 2016
Fuck All Trolls
(A youtube comment)
"Pavarotti's a fag and his music is for fags
lol jk most beautiful thing ever, im crying
by BatmansBallsack June 02, 2013
1. Something that causes people to freak out.

2. A name that is not exceptable to call people.
1. Causes anorexia and bulimia....
2. Fat people think that it's ok to say "gawd, anorexic slut, eat a cookie", but a skinny person can't go around saying "hey fatty, why don't you get off your butt an eat a salad"
by Ann Scarlet Collins July 05, 2012
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