A thing that makes you more heavy, and sometimes keeps you warm in winter and gives you presence.
Fat can be earned by eating jellies and chocolate cakes, but also by drinking non-diet sodas or beer and eating crisps. Also a factor of breaking up in some love stories.
Girl: Why did you break up with me? I am so sad without you :'(
Boy: Because I only like fat nowhere else but in the breasts.
by Flex Blur November 04, 2011
having a nice face ass and titties. a true compliment
damnnnnn shes got some FAT on herrr
by kchang October 14, 2010
Face, Ass, Titties. In order of importance. Used to describe someone who has the "whole package"
Jimmy: "damn shes hot."
David: "yeah shes got the F.A.T.!"
by Jimmeh Herb September 20, 2011
1. Something that causes people to freak out.

2. A name that is not exceptable to call people.
1. Causes anorexia and bulimia....
2. Fat people think that it's ok to say "gawd, anorexic slut, eat a cookie", but a skinny person can't go around saying "hey fatty, why don't you get off your butt an eat a salad"
by Ann Scarlet Collins July 05, 2012
Fuck All Trolls
(A youtube comment)
"Pavarotti's a fag and his music is for fags
lol jk most beautiful thing ever, im crying
by BatmansBallsack June 02, 2013
yo mama
yo mamma so fat when she walked past the TV I missed 3 episodes of my show
by cat_destroyer May 11, 2013
1. noun: slang, acronym used to descibe someone who is extremely attactive, (fine and tempting) also known as phat (pretty hot and tempting)

2. adjective: term used to describe the size and effectiveness of a joint, doobie, or marijuna cigarette
1. Dude, you see that girl over there? She is fat (phat)! I'm taking that home to mama!

2. As soon as I get home, I am gonna roll me up a fat one and get f**ked up
by noangel1987 September 19, 2009

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