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Misspelling of german "fahrvergnügen," meaning "driving-pleasure."
by stickler for accuracy October 23, 2003

a term that simply does not translate into English easily. It means both "cooperation on the road" and "having fun driving" and "driving safely"
1. a car is behind you. It puts on it's signal to pass. You see that the oncoming car is too close. You speed up slightly and move close to the passing lane to warn the other car. You are practicing farfignugen, the car behind you and the oncoming car are experiencing farfignugen.

2. same scenario. You see the road is clear ahead. You slow down slightly, and move toward the edge of the road as an indicator that it is all clear ahead. You are practicing farfignugen; the car behind is experiencing farfignugen and practicing it if he takes your prompt.
by AuntSue June 12, 2009
(1). Something u say when u are out of words to say.
(2). Another term for Ouch!
(3). What u say when your about to fart.
1.Marc:Wats up Yo....
Sarah: Fargfignugen?
2.That hurts like a Farfignugen!!
3."I gotta bust a farfignugen."
by xitzmarcusx February 18, 2003
v. To fart and belch at the same time.
"DAMN! Nice farfignugen."
by Charlie Murphy March 11, 2004
a.k.a. "FARF".

what you say when you can't say the real thing.
Who/What/When/Where/Why the farf?
Are you farfin' retarded?
Yo man, that's farfed up...
by Andy Kim February 23, 2005
The answer you give your toddler to young child when they ask too many questions.
Child: "What's for dinner?"
Mother: "farfignugen!"
Child: "Are we there yet?"
Mother: "farfignugen!"
by NixiB November 29, 2006
Of, or pertaining to, Spannerism.
by Demian June 23, 2003
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