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The passing lane occurs while you are taking a shit with the poop hanging from your anus and then let out a fart with enough force that causes a vacuum effect causing the shit to retreat back into the anus.
Bob: why is John taking so long in the bathroom?
Joe: I heard him swear after some explosive flatulence. He must have used the passing lane.
by mortivorous November 01, 2014
The very left lane on a street or highway. By law you must be passing in the left lane.
Hunny, move over to the passing lane so we can move faster.
by logicaliforn April 12, 2011
A very simple law Floridiots can't seem to grasp.
Why do all these dumb Floridians travel 10 miles under the speed limit in the passing lane all the damn time!?
by logicaliforn April 12, 2011
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