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Another term for hair that grows around the anus.
I was pretty sure that the chef didn't like me because I found farf in my soup.
by Marc April 25, 2005
The act of farting and barfing at the same time. Often done after a night of drinking and eating bad enchiladas.
We stopped by Whiskey Pete's on the way back to California from Las Vegas. The buffet was so bad, I had to pull over on the side of the road and farf like a mofo.
by Paul Bizzle February 15, 2007
older men tha hit on younger women similar to cougars that hit on young men
girl: "i went to the club last night and was surrounded by a bunch of Farves"
by vadiath October 25, 2010
A short way of writing "Funny as Rare Fungus"
Karl: I threw up today!
Matt: Haha, that's FARF!
by kdawgnmann September 02, 2009
To inadvertantly fart whilst laughing.
oh jesus, I just farfed.
by droogey November 29, 2007
Friends against raping friends
Im a member of farf
by Ozmataz August 24, 2014