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(1)Another term for bitch, biatch,or simply hoe.
1. "I got my money, my cash, and my hizoe."
2. "Is that my hoe or is that hizoe?"
by xitzmarcusx February 18, 2003
term meaning of having too much koochie in a day.2) having too much koochi..pussy or taco.3) an exciting term of having some of IT
YES..today is a koochiefied day. Next hoe please..keep them cumin.

Mayn dawg..thats alot of kooch u ate today. U must be koochiefied rite now
by xitzmarcusx February 18, 2003
(1)When u got some.(2)To smash a partner.(3)A boy who is a king and is pimpin them hizoes.
Ah fo sho fo sho. We were boinking last nite.

Why are u smiling?...Ooooo u were boinking huh huh...*knudge knudge* ;)
by xitzmarcusx February 18, 2003
(1). Something u say when u are out of words to say.
(2). Another term for Ouch!
(3). What u say when your about to fart.
1.Marc:Wats up Yo....
Sarah: Fargfignugen?
2.That hurts like a Farfignugen!!
3."I gotta bust a farfignugen."
by xitzmarcusx February 18, 2003
Warning someone you got to take a shit.
I got to go take a booyahka rite now....Move out of my way!!!
by xitzmarcusx February 18, 2003
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