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German for "driving-pleasure."
by stickler for accuracy October 23, 2003
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German Fahrvergnügen, from fahren (to drive) + Vergnügen (pleasure); popularized by Volkswagen advertisements in the 1990s.
by Mac`sWay June 05, 2009
the act felating someone who is driving an automobile (especially a volkswagen)
"Hey, hon, when we get onto the autobahn i'm gonna need some fahrvergnügen."
by guy pierce the third July 16, 2009
American translation for above German phrase, meaning to-push-ones-car. Especially a Volkswagen.
Dave was thinking "fahrvergnugen"-my-ass, as he pushed his Scirocco off to the side of the road after it quit.
by Spin January 12, 2005
Fahrvergnugen is slang for Jägermeister; a German liqueur that tastes like camel armpits.
Hey Scottie, buy us another round of Fahrvergnügen.
by Rootdoctor March 18, 2007

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