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When someone is rapidly tweeting, non stop, causing his/her followers, at the end of the fap session, to have around 50 messages on their phone.
Similar to the word - spam
He was fapping so much, my phone didn't stop vibrating for the next 15min
by fuumika February 03, 2013
252 367
To jack off or masturbate.
Man i was fapping last night and totally jizzed all over my hands.
by liemmm March 03, 2009
2135 978
The art of making love to yourself ..
I'm fapping to porn magazines.
by crazy asshole biotch November 22, 2012
818 600
the act of touching oneself, preferably on your roommates bed. can also be done at mealtimes in the bathroom if one cant wait to get back to the room
after scoring that goal, i decided to start fapping on the field with my teammates
by fapper b November 01, 2010
1045 992
To jack off, beat off, masturbate
I was fapping night to that Pamela Anderson video and jizzed all over my computer screen
by BarkingLobster March 04, 2009
926 935
the act of mastubation
Zac was having a fapping good time before he went UGGHHH
by bsn23o July 01, 2009
545 595
making your own fun
There's nothing to do....and I'm all alone......fapping time!!!
by boredlonelyman April 10, 2009
519 613