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1)A skateboard trick invented by Eric Koston which he does a nollie 180 one-fopted crooked grind.
2)To tickle a butthole from under her dress.
1)"Did you see Koston do the fandangle down that handrail?"
2)"Girls just love it when you give them the fandangle"
by John Hardy June 13, 2004
30 39
1. socializing with another at an inappropriate time

2. the presence of an object in which it interrupts the natural course of events of a situation
1. Jeff looked at Brandon in disgust and said "Stop fandangling with that ombudsman!"

2. Mom shook her finger at her son Jeff and said "I don't wan't you to leave your skateboard fandangling around here."
by Jeff March 12, 2004
13 22
To engage in sexual intercourse.
Last night, the new boy and I were fandangling at my place.
by The girl January 27, 2004
4 13
To roughly slap something together.
organize in a cheap fashion, usually last minute
I am going to fandangle something for tonight.
by smartiepants101 June 08, 2009
13 23
The art in which to play with the other sex's genitals when performing oral sex.
Yeah that bitch totally fandangled me.

by Yeah bitch. January 28, 2009
0 10
When you blow a load and fart at the same time.
"Yo that bitch was giving me head and i fandangled on her."
by St4sh January 19, 2009
3 13
fan-dan-gle' 1. (verb) a sexual act performed between 2 persons; eg. intercourse.
2. (verb) out of sorts; e.g. "messed up":fandangled
3. (verb) too harm;
4. (noun) Someone/something who is great; e.g. fandangler.

Forms: Fandangled, Fandangler, Fandangling.
1. "You may have been drunk, but I was fandangled."
2. "I may be fandangled but I will fandangle you any day, call me the fandangler."
3. "I fandangled your wife last night."
by Tim Pettes August 17, 2008
0 10