the one person at ap high school, who dares to start a war of the sticky notes
damn that fandangle, he stuck me about 5 times today
#fandangler #fandangled #post its #war #awesome
by northwestf September 30, 2007
To do eveything *but* have sex with some one, normally during a night of drunken passion whereby the act is practically impossible
"Did you shag that bird last night mate? You were pretty wasted"
"Nah, it was just a quick fandangle and then I threw up all over her clothes, she left pretty sharpish"
#fool around #mess around #fondle #grope #eveything but you know
by Soar November 25, 2006
The art in which to play with the other sex's genitals when performing oral sex.
Yeah that bitch totally fandangled me.

#oral sex #play #sex #genitals #averi
by Yeah bitch. January 28, 2009
A ska band local to camberley in surrey england
they are very talented for a local band and toured with other big ska bands like Reel Big Fish
"hey man were you at the fandangle gig last night?"
"there was a fandangle gig on last night?!?!?!"
"yer dude"
#ska #reel big fish #less then jake #gig #last night
by Cory Graham May 16, 2006
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