Saying something is false means that it would be wrong, and a useless thing to do. When something can be done better or is not at all of satisfactory manor its false.
Jack Black: I could 26 skedew you a song, but that would be false.
by Ant C August 26, 2003
See True.
When a band or someone is untrue.
Metallica's St. Anger is False
Emo posers are False
Emperor are definately not False and nor is Norway.
by Steel Warrior July 30, 2005
1. (Verb) To smoke marijuana
2. (Verb) To loudly exclaim the word "false" at someone in order to make a fool out of them.
3. (Noun) A much harsher synonym of no, gets the point across better
1. "Dude Orth lost that bet about the snow day"
"Yeah that means he's gotta go false this weekend"
"Oh Orth"
2. "Did that guy just false me?"
"He did yell it pretty loud"
3. "I believe Orth is not going to be our next President"
by m456 February 18, 2008
To slap someone with the back of your hand in a painful manner. It's a common word in pidgin, used to intimidate or to initiate physical fights.
What, you like me false you?
by Mono May 02, 2005
A mistake or blunder of one's judgement.
I didn't ride in his car! Who false is that?
by Bi-Nola December 13, 2003
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