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What you call the blood stain at a crime scene to make it less disgusting and creepy.
"Lay down there, be the body."
"I'm not lying down near that blood stain!"
"Are you crazy? That's CLEARLY crime scene oil."
"Oh. Okay."
by misspelld March 06, 2010
When you don't have time to prepare a meal for the company coming over, so you buy takeout and pretend like it's homemade.
"I waited too late to start the stir fry, so I just ordered some from China Garden and put it in my own bowl. I got compliments all night, and had to give out a bogus recipe. It was a successful fakeout."
by misspelld March 10, 2010
A noun: describing a person who uses Facebook like they are on Twitter and ends up spamming your news feed with their statuses.
10:51 AM "Driving to work!"
10:57 AM "Arrived at work!"
10:59 AM "Working! :("
1 Comment: "STOP BEING A FACEBOOK TWEETER! You're clogging my news feed with your inane statuses! Nobody likes you."
by misspelld April 27, 2010
When you get bedhead and you weren't sleeping.
Co-worker 1: "Did you see Sarah's hair when she came out of the elevator with Jim? I bet she didn't look like that when she got on..."
Co-worker 2: "That was some serious sexhead."
by misspelld June 02, 2010
Different than Peer Pressure, but just as likely to make you do something you normally wouldn't.
I hate going to college, but it's all that Parent Pressure I'm getting!
by misspelld August 02, 2010
When you are supposed to be five minutes early but are running late so technically you're right on time.
Girl: "I am so late!"
Guy: "What? You'll be right on time."
Girl: "Nooooo! I'm late early!"
by misspelld November 30, 2010

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