The show WCG Ultimate Gamer.
1 "Hey man did you hear that Joe has a bad case of failure?"

2 "Oh really, how did he catch that?"

1 " 2 words: Ultimate Gamer."

2 "A shame"

by IrishGreenDeath March 10, 2009
Something that failed.

For a better explanation, google it.
Seriously, go to Google and search for "failure". You'll get a nice laugh, especially if you're a liberal.
by Newbia Leogetti September 18, 2005
it is to be yelled out after one makes a dumbass move
*Marites trips*
*i point and laugh at her*
"hahahahhah Failure!"
by Giojamz April 18, 2003
1. to not acomplish what you set out to do.

2. a very good, yet underrated band from the 90's. best described as space rock. a kinda melodic, distortion heavy and dreamy sounding. yet (contradictingly enugh) very down to earth. some of the most personally penatrating lyrics i have ever herd. a favorit band of Maynard James Keenan of tool, whome they opened for occasionally.
1. im not a failure for dropping out of school and buying a van and driving to calafornia to be in a band, because that was my plan all along. hey, at least im expereancing somthing. injoy your desk job, asshole.

2. "The Nurse Who Loved Me" is a song that pretty much sums be up as a person. better than anything alse, really. A perfect circle's verson feels different, but is no less personally beutifull
by The blank way July 12, 2006
The word Failure originated from a regional dialect found only in upstate New York. Although there is some contoversy over the specific meaning of the word, simply put, it means Barbara Streisand.
"I saw Failure while i was walking down the street, the bitch is back!"
by Luke Neher April 23, 2004
anything, anything that was done poorly
that test sucked, i was a failure
that guy just cut me off, what a failure
by sacamano October 30, 2003
One who is unsuccessful or an unsuccessful attempt.

Often used in conjuncture with (N)

"Failure. (N)"
by Mr_eX October 04, 2003

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